Nitric Oxide Dump

Basting a Quilt while SITTING

Slick Surface for Quilting

Light from plants

Crooked Clintons

A Jewish-American talks about Israel occupation

Biodynamic Agriculture

"Almost Like Praying"

RESEARCH into past disposal of Nuclear Waste

Regenerative Farming in New Zealand

Canada's Great Trail

Netherlands welcome to Trump

climate debate John Oliver

How to build a lift up storage bed.

Korea north - south

Greenhouse surrounding house

Epley Maneuver

over 100 years of living

Piano Concerto on Arctic Ice

Glyphosate - Poisoned Fields

allergies, corn, soy, consumed, ted talks


Another CANCER cure?

The BIGGEST polluter on the planet.

fifth graders stop Bulling

Japan Garden of Sound

Hokkaido Show Gardens // JapanGarden of sound! Great art!->

Posted by Ruben Mandolini on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Swedish non-violent action



Why Congress gave Apache holy land to a foreign mining company

We cover this kind of corruption for a living, and we can still barely believe this one. Absolutely sickening. Our first priority as a nation MUST be to make this kind of behavior illegal. Thousands of Americans are organizing to make it happen right now — Learn more and join them here: / further reading: - The New York Times: Selling Off Apache Holy Land // Yahoo! News: Native Americans Protest Proposed AZ Copper Mine // Arizona Daily Star: Apache Tribe Distressed By PrIvatization of Sacred Land // Center for Responsive Politics: Jeff Flake and John McCain — Career Contributions From Mining Industry // #FollowTheMoney #OakFlat #Arizona

Posted by Represent.Us on Friday, July 17, 2015

The Power of Words

Perennial Vegetables

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to my video blog.  These are videos that I want to watch 'one more time'.  Somehow I get a better picture on my blog that on the original.  Have no clue why.  However, I make mine as large as possible.  Hope you enjoy.

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